Friday, August 2, 2013

Amazon introduced a cloud computing service, S2, in 2006 and Google introduced a cloud delivered email system , Google Apps for Business, around the same time. Now several of the markets largest IT providers offer inexpensive, reliable, and scalable cloud based solutions. Thanks to the investments of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, RackSpace, and others there are million server environments available to host our applications, serve as storage targets, and even function as an extension of the server farms inside our data centers.

MMY has assisted many of our clients explore:

Perhaps you are exploring how cloud services might decrease your cost or improve one of your offered services. For our customers the first step has been an exploration of what is possible followed by an analysis of the fit of an alternative to their processes and operational methods. So take a look at two of our newest technology overviews a new high level PDF on Big Data and a new high level PDF on Cloud Computing then contact MMY for a more in depth discussion (